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About Marvin Hendon, PhD

Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy combines techniques from several approaches, primarily cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you identify and change certain thinking and behavioral patterns that may be contributing to your difficulties. Interpersonal therapy focuses on how certain ways of responding within relationships contribute to happiness and unhappiness. I believe in working collaboratively with the client to set treatment goals and will both provide and request feedback from you throughout our time together. Also, because not all techniques are appropriate for all people, I will work to use a therapy approach according to your particular needs and desires. The first two or three sessions are usually concerned with assessment, getting to know each other, and on formulating a tentative treatment plan. Typically, therapy will last from three to six months, but may be shorter or longer depending upon the severity and nature of the presenting problem. My goal is to work together as partners throughout our time together and be responsive to your input at all times.

This practice is aimed toward encouraging the emotional, interpersonal and spiritual growth of the individual and family. I utilize individual, couple, and /or group therapy to achieve the client's goals. Initially treatment involves an assessment phase in which the client is interviewed and may be given psychological tests. At the end of the assessment phase, which typically takes two to three sessions, a more specific treatment plan is developed with the client. Therapy is supportive in nature and may involve the use of activities such as journal work, role-playing, parenting and life style changes. Treatment typically lasts for six to eight weeks, but on occasion is shorter or longer depending upon the presenting problem. Treatment ends at a mutually agreed time. It is most often in the client's best interest to have a specific last session designated for talking about one's reasons for stopping as well as one's progress.

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Marvin Hendon is an experienced psychologist with many years of experience in treating patients in the Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice area.

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