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Marvin Hendon, PhD

Sarasota Educational & Psychological Testing

Marvin Hendon, PhD provides several different educational and psychological testing tools to properly diagnose and treat behavioural and learning problems. Below, are just some of the educational and psychological testing services that Marvin Hendon, PhD provides for my Sarasota clients:

Academic Problems & School Placement

Studies have shown that not all academic problems are due to learning disabilities like ADHD or dyslexia. In reality, many children struggle with school due to bullying, poor study skills, depression, memory impairments, anxiety, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation. Marvin Hendon, PhD can help your child resolve their academic problems and strive for excellence. Furthermore, choosing the right school from elementary all the way to college can be a daunting task that can have major repercussions in the future. Marvin Hendon, PhD will help you pick the right school for your child based on their unique values, skills, and aptitudes.


Nowadays, it seems that whenever a child is diagnosed with ADHD or ADD they are asked to pop a pill to get better. Unfortunately, ADHD and ADD medications like Ritalin have several side effects and are quite costly. Marvin Hendon, PhD will begin by evaluating your child to identify ADHD and ADD based symptoms. If they are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD we will then treat their condition via family and/or individual counselling, making the appropriate changes in their learning environment to promote attention, and perform behavioural modification therapy. No pills required.

Gifted Placements and Intelligence Testing

Marvin Hendon, PhD also performs thorough IQ testing to determine if your child has any areas of weakness as well as identify their strengths. If your child is in fact gifted we will take steps with you and your child to provide the most nurturing and stimulating environment that will cater to their enhanced skills and allow them to thrive and grow in accordance with their heighted intelligence.

Learning Disabilities

If your child seems to be having trouble in school it may be due to a learning disability. Marvin Hendon, PhD can perform extensive diagnostic testing to evaluate if they suffer from a learning disability such as dyspraxia, short or long term memory impairments, dyslexia, auditory or visual processing deficiencies, dyspraxia, and aphasia.

Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

If a person is having trouble socializing or focusing at school, work, or at home it could be due to several different factors, including developmental delays, social challenges, or behavioral problems, we can perform psychological and diagnostic evaluations that focus on key areas of cognitive and behavioral development, including auditory and visual processing, memory, personality, intelligence and social intelligence, motivation, and analytical, planning, reasoning, and organizational abilities.

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